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5th Annual COSTA RICA! January 29 – February 6, 2016

yogaThe magic of Costa Rica awaits you! Nature is a powerful healer, and on a New Living Costa Rica Retreat you will be immersed in some of nature’s greatest wonders.

You will experience the exquisite tastes and super nourishment of the colorful tropical fruits, the lush green of the jungle and gently rolling mountains, the inspiring power of some of the world’s best waterfalls and the refreshment of the swimming holes, the radiant warmth of the sun which shines every day, the natural beauty and warm waters at the protected tropical beaches, and so many incredible flowers, birds, and butterflies. You will eat naturally, exercise exuberantly, have abundant fun, and make new friends who support your healing journey.

You’re Invited on a Grand Adventure

retreatThe journey available to you at this unique retreat will open you up to greater possibilities for a life lived fully. With new self-awareness, a healthier mind and body, toxins and mental/emotional blockages released, and a new level of energy and vitality, dreams feel possible and life becomes very exciting indeed.

The benefits of a truly healthful raw diet and yogic lifestyle are too numerous to list! A healthy, cleansed and detoxified body brings about a healthy mind and balanced emotions. Exciting and unprecedented spiritual growth can be expected, along with daily experiences of profound joy. It’s been said that knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.

david-nelsonI am delighted to bring back David Nelson as my co-facilitator on this retreat. David Nelson was a banker for over twenty years before following the inspiration of his heart to explore his spiritual path which includes training in two forms of reiki through the master level, four levels of qigong, and other consciousness explorations with an emphasis on working with the energy of nature. His conscious connection to the Earth is always the foundation for his mystical path and instrumental in what he shares at workshops and international retreats. He can be found leaning against a tree in the park or lying on the grass as part of his personal daily practice.
Please visit David’s website:

Transform Your Perspective on Life

  • Stunning natural beauty that will inspire you and awaken all your senses
  • Jungle hikes, waterfall swims, and rest days at gorgeous natural beaches
  • Daily yoga practice in our fresh air round studio with inspirational views
  • 100% healthy, cleansing raw vegan diet, gloriously presented by expert chefs
  • Health and detoxification education, and raw food recipe demonstration
  • Sun-gazing, qi gong, guided earth connection, tree reiki, dance meditation
  • Life Coaching to help you access transformational personal insights.

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