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Turn your face toward the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you. ~Maori proverb
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Dear Friend,

Are you ready to play every day with the energy of a child? Would you like to experience radiant well-being? Do you want your whole life to hum at a joyful vibration?  

I am so glad you are here! 

Radiant health becomes possible when we experience our body, mind, and spirit operating synergistically as a unified whole. Energy flows freely and we experience our natural vibrancy. Our Living Heart Mentoring Programs and Retreats will help you “download a new operating system” and bust through fears and limitations to create a life you feel wonderful in.

Fresh, ripe, juicy fruits and vegetables in their natural whole, raw and unprocessed state provide most of our nutritional needs, just as Mother Nature intended. A healthfully balanced diet comprised of these foods can give you the most perfect nutrition available and support a state of optimal health and maximum energy for living.

Natural movement, earth-grounding, sunshine, fresh air, yoga and mindfulness practices help us to reconnect with our essential Self and the wisdom that lies within. The gifts are deep: a strong, supple and resilient body and a calm, clear, open mind and heart. When we discover how to tune into our natural wisdom, we easily see what will bring us health. Illness and suffering can become a thing of the past!

Transform your beliefs and your thoughts, connect with the earth, your body and your soul's desires, unite natural movement with nature’s whole foods, and be prepared to step into the glowing, vibrant mind, body, and life of your dreams.

I would like to welcome you on a transformational journey, and help you discover the enlivening adventure your life can be!

Yours in radiant health and adventurous well-being,

Ellen Livingston
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In-Person Events

The Woodstock Fruit Festival


Our 10th Annual!

In the Catskill mountains of upstate New York

August 22-29, 2021


Ellen will offer daily yoga and presentations!

Register with Ellen's code and save $100! (ELSAVE100)


WFF has changed my life, my soul and my heart.Everyone has to attend this festival to understand the beauty of what nature can provide to us, and experience the feeling of love and wisdom from all the presenters. I feel reborn and rejuvenated.   - Kristina Shatova Winnipeg, Canada


FLORIDA Retreats

Next Retreat Dates TBA

I have moved to SW Florida! Stay tuned for upcoming information about the intimate, customized private and group retreats I plan to offer here, starting in winter 2022. I have a beautiful and convenient location to share with you, on a peaceful acre near parks, town, bay and ocean beaches. I have nice comfy guest-rooms for up to 4 guests at a time in my raw vegan home. Contact me if you have interest in learning more about this exciting development!

Costa Rica Retreats!


Please stay tuned for more information about our next retreats. Dates TBA.

We provide transportation between San Jose and the retreat centers. Choose from a variety of charming, comfortable accommodations with stunning views. Tuition is reasonably priced and all-inclusive, and varies based on accommodations. 

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