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Ready to Start Your Journey to Pain-Free Living Today?

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Grab My Guide Below for Free

(Individual results may vary but most of my clients, regardless of previous diagnoses, experience dramatic reduction of symptoms within weeks)

Hey! I'm Ellen

I am a natural health and wellness mentor, and I help people become pain-free and rediscover their natural high energy, healthy body, and peaceful heart.

My passion for true health creation began as I approached age twenty and experienced my own previously good health begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate.


Now, four decades later, my Living Heart Mentoring Programs and Retreats have helped thousands of people “download a new operating system” and bust through fears and limitations to create a life they feel wonderful in.


I would like to welcome you on a transformational journey to wellness, and help you discover the enlivening and peaceful adventure your life can be!

Yours in radiant health and adventurous well-being,

Ellen Livingston

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