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Living Heart Mentoring Program

I call myself a Mentor, rather than a coach, in order to capture the idea that the relationship formed with my clients is much more than a coaching relationship. I have grown and seen myself more clearly through many different personal mentor relationships in the span of my own life, and I absolutely would not be living the health or other dreams I am living today, nor engaging with life the way I am today, without these life-changing relationships. Each of them emerged in my life with divinely perfect timing, and helped me take my next steps with grace and awareness.


As a Mentor, I take on many diverse roles such as sounding board, compassionate listener, safe-space-holder, facilitator, advisor, coach, expert, source for helpful resources, source of feedback, confidante, motivator/inspirer, challenger, accountability partner, and role model.

I currently offer mentoring by phone, or in person at the Living Heart Sanctuary in Florida (please visit the Retreats page for information about staying at the Sanctuary with Ellen.)


It’s a Transformational Journey


I will help you ask yourself the high quality questions that bring out the high quality answers from within. Together we will shine light on the story that is running your life and giving you the results you are currently experiencing. We will gently uncover the beautiful new story that wants to emerge through you. Together we will nurture it, and use the inspiration of this new story to unearth the self-awareness, courage, strength, resilience and new skills to empower you to interrupt the old limiting thought and behavior patterns and effectively replace them with a powerful new operating system. Everyone has a dream, but most people lack the self-awareness, the health and energy, the confidence, the right knowledge and skills, and the support to put it into motion.


What if you found out that negative thoughts that have been holding you back were simply not true? What if you were to realize that being “realistic” or “reasonable” or “logical” has cost you everything you long for that is not yet in your experience? Where you place your attention has everything to do with what you see, what you feel, and the experience and results that you create. I can show you how to attract and be that which you truly want in your life. The program works for those who work it. The right kind of support, at the right time, makes all the difference. This is your life. Is this your time to climb into the driver’s seat? I invite you to step in with both feet, ‘put some skin in the game,’ and discover how to put yourself in harmony with a life you love. “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do this, because the world needs more people who have come alive.” (Howard Thurman.)

I heard this and knew that one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, “What would I love?” Because when you allow that which you love to lead you, you align with your authentic self and you begin to fall in step with the heart-centered life you are meant to live. A greater, freer, fuller life. You are more and have more – way more – than you see or know. The only thing between you and a life you love is your current thinking. As your Living Heart Mentor, I can help you tap into your full health and life potential.


Uncover Your Best You…

  • Learn how to safely detoxify and cleanse your body

  • Balance your mind and emotions with a sustainable, delicious natural diet and empowered thinking

  • Discover how to reach your true health potential

  • Effectively articulate your dreams and welcome them to start coming true

  • Realize the power of mindful natural movement, yoga and meditation, and develop a customized practice

  • Learn how to be responsible for the quality of your energy every day of your life

  • Free yourself to take a quantum leap forward in your health and your life

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Thank you very much for answering these questions.

I look forward to an inspirational conversation soon! 

 Blessings, Ellen

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