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Accommodations & Logistics

Additional 2022-2023 Group Retreat Dates TBA

Private Retreats available now


Each retreat includes guided movement practices for all levels, inspirational and educational discussions, outdoor activities, intensive coaching sessions, guided meditations and contemplation, facilitated earth-connection activities, individualized guidance, and plenty of time for rest and reflection. Massage and energy work sessions are available privately at extra cost (with advanced notice), directly through recommended community practitioners.

We will help guide you to design a personalized format and structure for your retreat stay that best suits your unique needs at the time.

Ellen brings more than 20 years of experience living an intentional raw vegan lifestyle, and over 15 years of guiding others on their wellness journeys. On these intimate retreats in her home-sanctuary, participants will have a unique opportunity for a personalized experience, and maximum contact with Ellen's wisdom and guidance.

All meals will follow a 100% raw, 100% delicious, low-fat vegan plan. Our extra simple diet will facilitate maximum awareness and cleansing. Your hands-on participation in guided meal-prep in our sanctuary kitchen will serve as training for your self-sufficiency in your kitchen when you return home.

Our mission is simple: to help you receive and utilize the tools, guidance, and support you need to awaken to your full potential for joyful health and harmony, and the freedom to live your dreams. A low-fat fruit-based raw vegan diet, along with appropriate movement, a positive and uplifting perspective, and practices that ground you in self-awareness, acceptance, energy mastery and deep connection is a powerful prescription for a life well lived. A live-in retreat setting is the most effective way for us to share the tools we have accumulated, and help you intercept old unhelpful patterns and habits and acquire a fresh new outlook and empowering new healthful habits of mind and body.

This is IT – the culmination of Ellen's 20+ years of raw vegan lifestyle, and all our learnings and teachings coming together in a powerfully integrated live-in experience. If you are serious about living your life more fully, with much more vitality, joy, and authenticity, this uniquely customized experience may be just the one you need. We invite you to join us in slowing down, tuning in, and feeling like every day is a beautiful opportunity.

It’s time to start getting the results you really want. This is no ordinary retreat setting. This one-of-a-kind customized opportunity is about real transformation and owning your sovereignty and sufficiency. It’s about engaging fully, with clear intention and laser-beam focus, to uncover the patterns that are holding you back from the vitality and clarity you deserve. It’s about empowering you with the tools and awareness you need to 'download a whole new operating system,' to claim your capacity to feel great, to take the tools home with you, and to start experiencing rapid positive forward momentum on your journey.

How to get here

Our address is:

249 Old Englewood Road,

Englewood, Florida 34223

Phone: 734-645-3217

We do not provide transportation to and from the airports. You will need to rent a car, or otherwise hire transport (we have local contacts for this service, depending on when you are coming).

The best and easiest major airport near us is Ft. Myers (RSW). Tampa (TPA) is another option. Each are 90-minutes or less by car from the retreat location. Sarasota and Punta Gorda have airports as well, each 45-minutes from our sanctuary.

You are welcome to bring a car to your retreat -- though not necessary, it will give you more independence. We strongly encourage our retreat guests to keep destinations and activities simple, to allow ample focus on whole-person rest, learning and healing. 

Weather and Bugs

Southern Florida experiences a mild 'winter,' which lasts from December until about mid-February. During these months we have mostly beautiful, sunny weather (always a welcome relief from the northern winters!), but if your retreat is during these months you should come prepared for the possible occasional 'cool-snap,' when you may need an extra layer or two at times. 


During our mostly dry winter retreat season (January-April) you are unlikely to be bothered by mosquitoes. Florida does have some biting ants, but they won't bother you if you don't step on their homes!



We do have wifi in the house. We encourage participants to minimize time on internet, for your own benefit while on retreat. Wifi will be turned off at night, from about 11pm-8am.



We offer laundry service as needed.

Packing Guide

Shorts (2-3 pairs)
Light top(s)  (3-4)

Sundress / beach-dress
A lightweight long-sleeve shirt 
Lightweight long pants

Comfy-stretchy clothing for yoga/movement sessions 

Sweatshirt or flannel shirt

A lightweight jacket, such as fleece or windbreaker
Swim-suit or two (we provide beach towels and bath towels)
Good walking shoes
Flipflops or sandals


Fanny pack and water bottles

Natural sunscreen (if you generally use it)

Brimmed sun-hat


Personal hygiene items (please no body scents or scented products if possible, even "natural" ones)

Any medications or supplements that you'll need
A good book or two (we have some here for you, too!)
Water shoes for kayaking (we have waterproof phone/gear bags)
Back-up pair of glasses


Our Comfortable Accommodations

Spring 5.jpeg
Spring 2.jpeg
Welcome to our Florida-style ranch home.....Living Heart Sanctuary
Our decor style could be characterized as casual, clean & simple, and playful. Colorful murals hand-painted by a local artist add some special pizazz to our main community space and the bedrooms.

2 Guest Bedrooms: 'Sunrise' (blue) and 'Sunset' (lavender) 
The bedrooms are adjacent to each other and nearly identical in format, except that one faces sunrise, and the other faces sunset. Each bedroom has distinctive wall murals, 2 twin beds with nightstands and reading light (or one 'king' bed for a couple), two windows, and a spacious closet. We provide optional portable room dividers for those in shared rooms who may wish a bit more privacy.
Shared Bath
The bathroom is just across from both bedrooms, and has 2 sinks (one per guestroom), and an enclosed tub with shower.
Yoga Room 
This sweet room on the back of the house is available for movement practices, meditation, reading and journaling.
Our beautiful fully screened lanai with peaceful wooded views houses our 1-2 person hot-tub, and a patio dining set. 
We have a fully equipped raw vegan kitchen, of course! A rolling kitchen island expands our prep space in this open-style kitchen.
Living/Community Room
Comfy group hangout space, open to the kitchen, with healthy lifestyle books and video resources for your edification.
Available 8am-11pm, and switched off at night for your health :).
The Land
Our Living Heart Sanctuary home is conveniently located right in the little town of Englewood, within easy walking distance of parks and shops, while being magically nestled in the heart of what we affectionately call 'Peace Forest,' on our private acre beneath the Florida pines and palm trees. Plenty of sun and shade options abound for your enjoyment of the yard. Our gardens and patio spaces are in development.

Below are more photos of the interior of our Living Heart Sanctuary.



Each guest bedroom is designed for 2 people to share*

Optional portable room dividers are provided, as well as sound diffusers. It is my experience after leading many group retreats, that most participants enjoy having a room-mate (even if they initially think they need a single room!) and value the quickening of community this enhances. We create guidelines for keeping the bedrooms prioritized as quiet spaces primarily for sleeping.

*It is possible to reserve a private room. There is significant additional tuition for this option during formal group retreat sessions, since it limits the number of participants we can accept.

More photos will be added as we continue to prepare the Living Heart Sanctuary to house its first retreats! Thanks for your patience.

You may save significant money by booking your airplane reservations early, as fares will continue to rise as flights fill. Spirit Air tends to have very good rates to Ft. Myers (easier and a bit closer) and Tampa.

I look forward to a journey of rejuvenation, inspiration, education, detoxification, healing, adventure and unprecedented growth with you in Florida!

Blessings on your journey to radiant health and your dream life,

Ellen Livingston

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